College Students Officially Declare WAR On Police Because…

As if there aren’t already enough things to stress you out about where your taxes are going, now apparently some of your hard earned dollars are going to support students at Universities that are pushing to be allowed to control law enforcement.

Via Daily Caller:

The student government at the taxpayer-funded University of Wisconsin-Madison has unanimously issued a resolution that demands “community control” over the campus police force because of “implicit bias.”

As evidence of “implicit bias,” the resolution prominently cites an instance in April 2016 when campus cops arrested a black student in class for a wave of graffiti. The student, Denzel McDonald — who goes by the name “King Shabazz” — spray-painted “FUCK THE POLICE,” “DEATH TO PIGZ” and several similar rantings on a bunch of buildings all over campus for half a year. Some of the spray painting contained the signature line “– GOD.”

McDonald caused an estimated $4,000 in damage with his graffiti.

The University of Wisconsin student government’s resolution demands that the campus police chief, Kristen Roman, “shall fully cooperate” with a newly-created accountability board which will have power over “the hiring and firing of officers that discriminate” and over “policies and trainings of implicit bias,” 

If you’d like to see just how vile this bias looks when the officer arrested the vandal, here’s the body cam video of his initial interaction with the suspect.

That guy is getting better treatment than I do at the DMV. The problem seems to be that they are being held accountable for their actions, not the way in which they’re being held accountable. People need to consider that if there is any pre-judging going on, the way in which you chooses to present himself might be a lot more to blame than the color of your skin. Also, if he’s guilty, no amount of ranting and cries of discrimination should be able to get him off.

As long as they’re getting the job done, I say let the police “round up the usual suspects.” And if you don’t want to be rounded up, try to not usually be suspicious.

(Source: Daily Caller)