Colin Kaepernick Lands New Job After Failed NFL Career

Disgraced former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick may no longer be in the league, but his presence is most definitely being felt. Few could have predicted that after he took a knee during the national anthem to protest the supposed mistreatment of blacks in America last season, that his little publicity stunt would become a burgeoning movement.

The mediocre QB found himself being celebrated for his “bravery” and “courage” to speak out on important issues once his protest began, and pretty soon, he had several players following his lead. Then the season came to an end, as did his contract. Ever since, no one’s dared to sign the free agent, despite being at least capable of being a solid backup. That’s because his presence is a huge distraction, and not only that, fans would likely be furious if their teams signed such a disliked player.

Since the no one in the league seems intent on picking Kaepernick up, he’s begun searching for a new line of work to pass the time. This week, it looks like he found his next career move, as he inked a huge book deal.

As reported at Page Six, Kaepernick just signed a $1 million deal with Random House’s imprint One World.

One World is led by books sales guru Chris Jackson, who’s published other prominent black celebrities like Jay-Z and Ta-Nehisi Coates. Intent on peddling black activists’ words to the world, Jackson hopes that the controversy surrounding the out-of-work QB will translate into book sales.

Source: Page Six