The Colin Kaepernick Of Baseball Was Just Arrested For SICK Thing He Did To A Woman

Colin Kaepernick’s poison is seeping through professional sports. Bruce Maxwell, Kaepernick’s baseball doppelganger, has been arrested for waving a gun at a delivery driver.

Maxwell is the sole professional baseball player to join the protest started by Kaepernick. Athletes now consider themselves to be activists as well. All you have to do to be “woke” is be willing to disrespect the flag.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Maxwell seems willing to show his contempt for American values off the field as well.

A female food delivery driver claims that the baseball star put a gun in her face, forcing her to call the police for protection.

“Scottsdale police said officers went to Maxwell’s home Saturday night after getting a call about a person with a gun. Maxwell was booked on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct,” The New York Post reports.

The athlete protest hasn’t led to a more humble understanding among its participants. Quite the opposite in fact. Judging by their interviews, players who engage in the protests seem to have an inflated sense of entitlement and self-complacency.

What are they even trying to prove? Maxwell at least is a criminal who is willing to risk stranger’s lives by whipping out a gun on them. Yet we’re supposed to believe that he refuses to stand during the national anthem because he cares about police brutality or the fate of minorities in the U.S.

Kaepernick has become a hero among demented liberals. His football career may be over, but who cares? He started a “movement.” The left is probably going to start clamoring for him to become a life coach soon.

(Source: New York Post)