CNN’s Busted In Its Biggest Lie Yet, And I’m Gonna Be SICK…

We like to make fun of CNN and point out all their problems, but they’re not stupid. Make no mistake, all of their ill-fated mistakes may have looked like they were being blind sided, but they were in reality calculated risks. Those risks were taken with a certain intelligence and awareness level of Americans figured in, which was in some cases the variable that went wrong, but they’re still not stupid.

If they were stupid, they wouldn’t have been able to create the elaborate plan that has duped half the country with its bleeding heart appeal of a scared little girl looking for world peace (or WWIII, whatever CNN wants that day). Here’s a little re-cap of the twists and turns this Syrian puppet’s time on TV has taken.

(Warning: Some Strong Language) 

I guess in their book, everybody wins. CNN gets to push their righteous agenda and a little girl gets a massive Twitter following and some screen time. I’m not sure what they imagine will happen when people realize that she’s a fraud. Hopefully, she’s not aware of the deception that she’s participating in, and the public will see that.

I’d like to say “shame on you” to CNN for the blatant lies they’re pushing down American throats, but if CNN had any shame, I’m fairly confident it would have kicked in long ago. Between the faked Muslim “peace rallies” and the intentional deception about Russia, obviously, they’re not too worried about journalistic integrity.

The whole network seems to work off of the premise that the ends justify the means, and between their precious alt-left agenda and bottom line, their end seems to be that they’ll pimp themselves out to whatever Democrat can make them the most money. If they have to exploit an 8-year-old girl to do it, then so be it.

So no, CNN isn’t stupid, but they are slimy, which is infinitely worse.

(Source: Red State Watcher)