CNN Wanted Trump Supporters To Dump Trump On Live TV And It Backfired In Their Faces

You’ve probably heard someone say “figures don’t lie,  but liars can figure.” Washington and the media seem to be leaning on that pretty heavily lately as they all try to bend the truth and make the situations turn out in their favor.

The talking heads and political insiders are all working overtime to make sure that the tide turns in their direction when the next election rolls around.

One particularly ticked off group of liars is the mainstream news media. They picked a fight with someone twice their size when they decided to treat President Trump just like any other scared political candidate who they can bully.

They grossly underestimated his desire to win and his out of the box way of dealing with problems. Because of the fight that they decided to take on, much of the nation’s attention was brought to the validity of what’s being said on TV. Many conservatives were aware, prior to the 2016 election, that the media had a fatal bias, but it’s never been on the forefront of people’s minds more than now.

In what looks like an attempt to seem impartial, or maybe just an all out publicity stunt, CNN decided to assemble a group of self-professed Trump supporters to talk about James Comey and whether or not they thought he had implicated the President in any illegal activities. I’m not sure if the wrong group showed up, or if they just misjudged how the other side thinks, but I suspect this was not the way this was supposed to turn out.

Via Conservative Tribune:

A group of voters was recently assembled in Ohio following the testimony of James Comey. The nine citizens were asked by CNN National Correspondent Gary Tuchman to respond to several questions, and the result was definitely not what the cable network had planned.

“First thing I want to ask you: It is a crime when you testify before Congress to lie,” Tuchman stated in a clear attempt to “prep” the panel. “That is perjury. You can go to prison for it.”

Then, Tuchman asked what the citizens thought. “Raise your hand if you believe James Comey lied at all.” To CNN’s undoubted chagrin, four of the nine panelists put their hands in the air.

“He [Comey] said that Donald Trump, quote, ‘Lies plain and simple,’” continued Tuchman. “Raise your hand if you believe Donald Trump has lied at all about the situation.”

Not a single voter on the panel raised their hand — but then things got even worse for CNN.

It seemed like the idea was that either they would either implicate the President they once loved, or they would look like idiots for supporting him no matter what. The thing that CNN forgot is that by in large, conservatives (and by extension, Trump supporters) actually think through their own decisions instead of just swallowing what is fed to them.

CNN is probably completely used to talking to the “man on the street” who had no idea who most of the people in government are, much less what their testimony before the Senate will set precedent for in the future. They may want to stick with talking to the mindless and easy manipulable voters who’s future hinges on whether someone will continue all of the government subsidies that they lean so heavily on.

These folks didn’t look like they had a whole lot to lose on a month to month basis that the government could take away from them. That will change your freedom of thought exponentially.

(Source: Conservative Tribune)