CNN Uses Elmo To Tell Kids That Islamic Refugees Are Not Dangerous

When the facts fail you, and the people turn their backs on you, I guess it’s time to call in the fuzzy-wuzzy cavalry. CNN seems to have resorted to non-humans to get their message out to Americans, considering that their credibility has been completely flushed and their agenda is clearly on display.

They’ve brought in a childhood friend to many who is here to tell us all about how we should be dealing with the refugee crisis overseas. Many of you probably remember this friend from your childhood or maybe watching it with you kids. Elmo showed up and talked about his trips around the world, talking to the kids who’ve been affected by war.

I’m not sure what the budget for this project was, but I’ve gotta say, the bad lighting and wrinkled backdrop aren’t doing the credibility of the show any favors.

The emotional appeal is strong, just as it should be. If you can’t feel something for a child who’s home has been bombed, you’re just plain cold and dead inside. An aide group who wants to do something for the education and betterment of those children is something that should be applauded.

However, just because all children like to play, and all children like fuzzy red puppets doesn’t change the national security risks that would ultimately come with unfettered entrance into the United States for these children and their families. Children are trusting because they’re not yet familiar enough with human nature and evil to know that they should be careful. Let’s not forget that our ignoring it won’t make it go away.

If this interview and this campaign to help the war-ravaged families, then I would wish them God-speed. However, if it’s the implementation of another push to lift the travel ban and allow a huge influx of refugees from the middle east, then we need to draw a line. Our personal responsibility may be to help those in need, but it’s the government’s responsibility to keep us safe, which they can’t do if we’re pushing them to let the un-vetted in.