CNN Tries Spreading Fake Trump News On Bottom Of Screen, Make Sure You Don’t Fall For This…

CNN may as well admit that it’s turned into a glorified tabloid. The network is constantly grasping for sensational stories to distort. Their latest assault on the truth is their attempt to wipe blame from the Democrats.

The news banner appearing at the bottom of cable news broadcasts used to convey actual facts, but CNN is no longer above its lies in writing. This week broadcasters tried to convince viewers that the Trump dossier was paid for by a disgruntled Republican.

Subtly, while interviewing a Republican, the Wolf Blitzer show tried to cast doubt on the dossier’s funding.

Blitzer claimed that “a Republican ‘first established contact’ with Fusion GPS… but the chyron floating below him during the interview claimed that Republican was also behind funding for the dossier…”

Poor liberals. Hillary Clinton is sorry subject to rally around, but they have no one else. CNN wants to discredit the REAL story by substituting a weak replacement. The dossier was paid for by an attorney linked to the Clinton campaign.

At some point, we’re all going to have to admit that we know Hillary’s a liar. Hardcore Democrats are still clinging to their support, but most leftists admit that she was a horrible, untrustworthy candidate.

The dossier scandal won’t go away. Hillary herself made sure of that when she fed the Trump-Russia collusion rumors. The Democrats demanded that Congress investigate everything related to Moscow, and they’re getting exactly what they wanted.

They didn’t realize that it would be their own party that would be implicated.

(Source: Daily Caller)