CNN Reporter GOES OFF On Hillary’s Lies, Immediately Gets Cut Off On LIVE TV

It’s a given that during the Democratic National Convention, we’ll likely see some shenanigans with the mainstream media, because we know what has happened in the past. Case in point: The complete and utter meltdown of CNN reporters after hearing Donald Trump’s RNC speech, then acting surprised that the American public saw it as positive.

This time around, CNN – the longest arm of the mainstream liberal media, had a correspondent go off script and starts talking about Hillary’s past lies and deceptions, and immediately gets cut off the air. It’s a blatant try to censor certain views from making into the public.

Just watch and see for yourself:

As soon as it was clear that she was talking about Hillary’s flip flop on the issue of policing and incarceration, CNN cut her feed and went on to something else. If this isn’t collusion between the media and a political party, I don’t know what is.

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