CNN Producer CAUGHT On Hidden Camera Admitting That The Trump-Russia Story Is “Bullsh*t” And “Only About Ratings”

Have you ever heard someone described as someone who would “lie when the truth was better”? Apparently that’s really true in the mainstream media since the bad news gets better ratings than the good news. Between that, and the absolute imperative to “follow the money” it turns out that news stations like CNN have probably been lying to us even more than we might have thought.

According to this video by Project Veritas, news media outlets have been exploiting our desire to learn the truth about Russian interference, and they’re just milking that for ratings with no real evidence to back it up.

Via Breitbart News:

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has struck again: This time, a senior CNN producer was caught on camera by one of O’Keefe’s investigators admitting that the network’s relentless bashing of President Donald Trump with the Russia scandal lacks proof.

“Could be bullshit. I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now,” the CNN producer, John Bonifield, said in a video O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released on Tuesday, when asked about his thoughts on the Russia investigation. “Like, we don’t have any giant proof.

The video also shows Bonifield admitting that he has not seen evidence that Trump has committed any crimes.

“I haven’t seen any good evidence to show the president committed a crime,” Bonifield says in the video.

And even if Russia did try to influence the U.S. election, Bonifield is heard saying in the video, that is not really much of a scandal. He is seen arguing that Russian efforts to influence the election would be normal, and that the U.S. government does the same thing around the world all the time.

“Even if Russia was trying to swing an election, we try to swing their elections, our CIA is doing shit all the time, we’re out there trying to manipulate governments,” Bonifield says.

Basically, they’re OK with causing an upset in the government, or the economy or whatever they’ve got to upset in the long term as long as it gets them some short term dividends.

It might even make a little more sense if there was some sort of honor or duty to the liberal cause that they felt, but no, just good old fashioned greed.

(Source: Breitbart News)