CNN Insulted Glenn Beck, This Black Pastor Set ‘Em Straight In 10 Seconds FLAT!

A while back Bishop Jim Lowe, the pastor at Guiding Light Church in Birmingham, Alabama, teamed up with Glenn Beck for an amazing cause. They stood together to erase the thought that only one group of lives matter. They held an “All Lives Matter” march to stand up to the Black Lives Matter movement and how stupid it all is.

Well the good Bishop went on CNN, thought I’m not sure why as they are horrible at their jobs, to talk about the march and what it meant. Of course the CNN reporter decided the take a low blow at the whole idea, but Bishop Lowe’s response was an epic take down!

Have a listen below.

(Source: YouTube)

Here’s a quick transcript of the question, in case you can’t see the video.

REPORTER: But, of course, you also know that Beck has made a career of being a divisive figure.

So when you’re trying to create a sense of unity, why team up with somebody like him?

BISHOP LOWE: Because if we can bridge unity between me and a Glenn Beck, don’t you think other people can find common points of unity?
Awesome! Beck also went on to talk about it on his radio show and how asinine the whole spectacle was

 (Source: YouTube)
You go Glenn and you go Bishop Lowe! We need more people like you both to help turn this country around.