CNN Host’s Jaw Drops As She Is Forced To Eat Her Own Lies On Live TV

Maybe there will be some readers who keep up with these things better than myself, but personally, I’ve only known the names of two heads of the FBI; J. Edgar Hoover and James B. Comey.

The first is probably mostly just because they put his name on the side of a building (props to whoever came up with that idea) and the second is because this guy just can’t seem to get himself away from the lawyers on Capitol Hill.

Comey has done a lot of things in his roughly four years as head of the FBI, probably many of them wonderful things; things that are keeping us safe even to this day. However, good or bad, his sphere of influence shrank dramatically when he crossed paths (and possibly agendas) with President Donald Trump.

Comey had dealings with two previous presidents before President Trump, but none so memorable, and none so devastating to his career. That was the topic of a discussion on CNN between anchor Alisyn Camerota and Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, where things got a little more than heated.

Via The Blaze:

During their Monday face-off, Camerota and Sununu tackled former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

About Comey’s testimony, Camerota asked Sununu what he thought of President Donald Trump’s request that Comey “back off” the investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and paraphrased Comey’s testimony.

I’m not sure if Camerota is trying to stay impartial or not, but if she is she needs to work on that poker face. Her obvious disdain for the President, his office, and his very existence makes you think that she might be just a little bit biased.

Not to mention all the times that she just tries to put words in his mouth. Sununu did a great job of holding her feet to the fire on every single misquote, however.

(The Blaze) “How do you make sense of what came out in the James Comey testimony,” Camerota asked, “that the president asked his AG to leave the room, asked his son-in-law to leave the room, asked his Chief of Staff to leave the room so that he could say to the head of the FBI, ‘I sure wish that you could back off this investigation.’”

“No, he didn’t say ‘wish,’” Sununu interrupted. “He said ‘hope.’ … He said ‘I hope that this Flynn thing will go away.

He said ‘I hope this Flynn thing will go away.’”

Camerota fired back incredulously and said, “What’s the difference?!”

Sununu answered, “The difference is that you have put a different spin on it.”

She’s literally just going down the list, trying to find somebody that this guy disagrees with at the top of that video. I mean, I guess that’s an effective way of getting through everybody on your hit list, but it’s a bit transparent. We get it, you think Trump is wrong, and you’re trying to find somebody who should like him to stab him in the back. You don’t have to beat down an old man about it.

I think once again, what we’re seeing here is that President Trump did something displaying his lack of lawyerly tendencies when he did this unconventional one-on-one meeting with Comey, but instead of dealing with it then and there, the politicians let it ride and then said that it was all wrong and he needs to be punished for it.

We can say this for his diplomacy though; he did at least say that he “hoped.” Of course, you hope that somebody you nominate to fill a job gets to actually go do their job. Not sure how they work over at CNN, but I hear that a Presidental cabinet level position comes with a pretty long to-do list.

Comey and President Trump’s now famous conversation about the investigation into Micheal Flynn has been parsed over and picked apart too many times to count. Personally, though, I think we’re overlooking the biggest part.

When the President said (behind closed doors and with no witnesses or anyone to corroborate the story) “I hope you can see your way clear . . .” That, to me, that means “I hope you can in good conscience let it go” in other words “do your job, but man, I could really use this guy to be doing his job right now.”

I think the “see your way clear” part is what we should be focusing on, not the disgruntled former employee part.

(Source: The Blaze)