CNN Host Says Radical Islam Isn’t A Problem, Then Gets Ass KICKED By Her Guest On LIVE TV

If you do not know who Pamela Geller is, you definitely should, because she is the woman and patriot that organized an event called Draw Muhammad Day in Garland, Texas, much to the chagrin of Islamists. You see, in Islam, it’s expressly forbidden to draw any pictures of the Islamic prophet to such a degree that anyone caught doing it in certain Muslim countries will be put to death.

Drawing Muhammad also led to the deaths of cartoonists in France in the tragic Charlie Hebdo shootings. This is not only an issue of ideology, in America, it’s an issue of our very freedom of speech. Liberals are portraying the event as incendiary and offensive, and they’re right. However, Geller has every right and ability to make sure it happens, by law.

As it so happened, an armed Muslim gunman tried to murder innocent people, but was taken down by armed security before he could hurt anyone.

In the wake of the attack, Geller went on numerous shows to say not that we should fear Islam and stop, but that the event should happen more often to raise awareness of this dangerous death cult. Take a wild guess how that played out with liberals.

In this clip, a CNN host got the figurative crap kicked out of her, with a nice constitutional lesson on the side. This is seriously satisfying.

I mean, does it get any better than that? I think not.

People have called Geller a racist and that the Draw Muhammad contest is “hate speech.” However, when someone depicted Jesus in a jar of urine, mentioned by Geller in the video, it was considered art by liberals, and more to the point, you didn’t see Christians come out guns a blazing.

What you did see, when Muhammad was drawn, was exactly the true nature of the Islamist cause, and I think that proves Geller’s point perfectly. Who’s with me?

(Source: YouTube)