CNN Host Loses It When Kellyanne Conway Schools Him On Why Comey Got Fired

Have you ever had to listen to a friend or family member complain and complain about their significant other for months on end, and then when that person leaves them, they’re completely inconsolable? That seems to be what’s going on with the entire Democratic Party and James Comey.

They griped and complained and called him names for months after he supposedly caused their precious Hillary to lose, but now that Trump has fired him they’re so ticked off they can’t even control their own faces.

Exhibit A will be Anderson Cooper:

Not that he’s really worried about it, but President Trump just can’t win for losing with the liberals. Obviously, they’re in a living hell with such a successful capitalist living in the White House, but they would really have more credibility if they at least agreed with him when he did something they said they wanted.

The deep seeded panic that these poor freaked out liberals have though is really something to be pitied, considering that President Trump is liable to do any old anti-left thing when he gets the chance to change something in Washington. They’re probably right to be apprehensive about who Comey’s replacement will be. There’s just no telling what kind of morally upright individual that Trump might find to replace him.

They seem to think that the devil they knew is better than a devil that might investigate them for all of their semi-legal shenanigans. And they’re probably right.

(Source: Mark Dice)