CNN Host Goes Off Script And Trashes The Liberal Mainstream Media. OUCH

Getting your commencement robes is an exciting thing for many graduates since for most of us, it means we’re done; we’re moving on. Many don’t know though that the history of the robes was just the opposite of that. The commencement robes were originally scholars robes, and the symbology was that you were now qualified to be a scholar. You’ve now learned everything you need in order to go learn on your own, so now you have your robes, you can go be a scholar.

Unfortunately, it seems that most of the college graduates around the country today seem to want to believe that they have nothing more to learn from those who’ve been commissioned with giving them their adult world send off. It’s gotten so bad that even the liberal CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria took note of the extreme disrespect and spoke to it.

I may not agree with him on a whole lot of things, but this guy is confident enough to not be afraid of what the other side is saying. Many liberals today seem like they have to be loud because they’re scared that they might hear the opposite opinion and be swayed by it.  If you’re that scared of the other side’s views, you might want to consider that your argument isn’t strong enough to support rational thought.

You can disagree with someone and still have respect for them and their sincerely held contrary thought. There is a way to handle being in disagreement with someone; listen, consider and reply. Don’t storm out, don’t break things, don’t scream obscenities. I’m sorry that something that basic has to be clarified, but today, it seems that it does.

I’m ok with living in a world with liberals like Zakaria around. Think what you want, just don’t take away my rights for thinking what I want.

(Source: The Blaze)