CNN Has Finally Taken A Stand Against Radical Islam. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

Somewhere along the way, Muslims did something really brilliant; they managed to align themselves with the liberals. I don’t know how it happened, since by all accounts what Muslims believe in is in direct contradiction to what the left says they believe, but they’ve employed liberals as their attack dogs, and it’s going really great for them.

Well, it was going really great until one of those pesky journalists decided to try out thinking for himself.

Not cool, Jake. Didn’t you get the memo that told all liberals Linda Sarsour gets a free pass and is protected by the family . . . I mean the DNC?

Linda didn’t take it well.

Ehhh, not sure it’s a party, but many do feel the need to drink.

Maybe Tapper really is making an exodus from liberal thought; he seems to actually be arguing with facts.

For the record, he’s referring to this fun little comment.

Now, not only is he having to contend with Sarsour, the lady that thinks is calling for Jihad on the White House, his own friends at CNN are stabbing him in the back. I guess feminists gotta stick together.

Well maybe not all . . .

But wait, there’s  more.

Jake can tell that not everyone is convinced that his new found enemy is as crazy as he knows she is, so he dug a little deeper and replied to this tweet from a few years back.

Aww, look who’s found his journalistic integrity all of the sudden. Maybe Mr. Tapper can see that the ship is going down and he needs to make sure somebody out there knows he is still a journalist. Either that or he can just see what a crazy terrorist Sarsour is. We’ll take it either way.

Welcome to the right Jake, we may not be popular with the frantic masses, but since we’re capitalists and their bosses, we don’t care.

(H/T: Twitchy)