Clueless Muslim Student Challenged A Christian Speaker But Didn’t Expect This EPIC Response

Brigitte Gabriel is an outspoken Christian. She is also an fierce adversary to radical Islam and was asked to speak during a panel where the topic was Benghazi.

A quick history lesson on Gabriel: she was born in Lebanon to Christian parents, and she endured the Lebanese Civil War, where she would hide from attacking Islamists that wanted to eradicate her “kind” from the country. She knows firsthand what it feels like to come to terms with your own mortality at the hands of an evil ideology, and she’s no longer afraid of anyone willing to oppose her.

In the Q & A portion of the talk, a Muslim law student asked why radical Muslims necessarily represented Islam as a whole. Gabriel’s response was so amazing that I’m not sure there’s a person alive who could have said it better.

See for yourself:

This is EXACTLY the kind of conviction we need in politics today. God bless her!

(Source: YouTube)


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