Clueless Muslim Started Trouble At A Trump Rally, Trump Set Her Straight INSTANTLY!

Donald Trump is a controversial figure, especially when it comes to liberals, Muslims, illegal immigrants, and anyone else who thinks that they’re entitled to dictate the way society is run just because they’re used to things differently.

In a South Carolina rally where Trump drew a huge crowd, a few Muslims decided to disrupt the event. One was a woman by the name of Rose Hamid, who said she only wanted to show what a peaceful Muslim looked like – and the media pounced all over it, decrying Trump as racist and “kicking her out only for the fact that she’s Muslim”, but that’s not what happened.

Watch the video:

First, there was a loud Muslim man yelling at Trump and interrupting his speech, who was forcefully escorted out. This got the crowd quite upset initially. Then, Rose Hamid wasn’t trying to start a dialogue with her fellow men – she was looking to bring the event to a screeching halt. you can see her standing when everyone else is sitting, with a star of David with the word “Muslim” written on it.

Now, I’m not sure how well versed all of you are on World War II history and world history in general, but it’s pretty ironic that a Muslim would claim persecution with the star of david in a country where she has freedom of religion, when Muslim countries have historically decimated Jewish populations for centuries. Jews, unlike Muslims today, also didn’t commit the vast majority of terror attacks when Nazi Germany was a thing – but let’s give Rose the benefit of the doubt.

She’s still disrupting an event and was escorted out. You can see her yelling at people on the way out. Yeah, real peaceful, turn-the-other-cheek type stuff. *sarcasm* She wanted her 15 minutes of fame and got it. Trump had her removed without incident and she wasn’t hurt. This was a dialogue and she lost because she wanted to be a martyr for her cause and she came out with egg on her face.

To her, I say good riddance. Of course there are peaceful Muslims out there. I don’t think anyone says otherwise – but the number of non-peaceful, America-hating, Sharia Law-loving Muslims is absolutely staggering, and that’s the problem. It’s not a problem of dialogue and understanding. It’s one of ideology. One wants to enslave women and non-believers, use children as weapons of war, and bomb innocent people, and the other doesn’t. It’s just that simple.

(Source: NBC News)