Chris Christy Orders Sudden Crackdown, But Then His Wife Gets A Surprise From The Cops

Gov. Chris Christie has done the impossible. He’s made himself even less popular than Hillary Clinton. The people of New Jersey can’t stand him. Wife Marie isn’t faring much better.

A police crackdown initiated by the state Attorney General caught Marie Pat Christie in its web. She was pulled over for talking on her phone while driving and eventually had to appear in court to pay a $250 fine. She kept her composure throughout and didn’t inform the police that she was the governor’s wife.

According to the Daily Mail: “A source at the Bernardsville Police Department told NJ Advance that Richard (the officer who ticketed Marie), who had just been sworn in three months earlier, had no idea he had pulled over the state’s first lady until co-workers notified him later.”

Chris probably loves the drama. His political career will be over in months, and he’s already hinted that he’s gunning for a replacement job in entertainment. His wife’s petty problems are enough to get his name in the news, but won’t tarnish his reputation too much.

“Christopher Porrino, New Jersey’s attorney general, requested $1.2million in federal grant funding last year to address the state’s rising traffic fatalities, which had risen 8 percent in 2016. The state won the funding and put it towards increased law enforcement on the roads between April 1 and April 21. And it looks like the plan worked…”

Police issued over 15,000 traffic tickets in the state last year. New Jersey drivers should feel a little bit safer.

(Source: Daily Mail)