Chelsea Clinton Just Got Destroyed By The Woman Her Father Raped

If there’s one thing you can always count on the Clintons for, it is complete and utter stupidity. Chelsea Clinton, you’re officially an idiot.

Much is beaing made about the Trump presidency and how he’s a “racist” and a “bigot.” Fairly certain there’s no proof to either of those claims. Oh and also, the country is still doing just fine. But don’t tell to the liberals. Apparently, according to them, everything is going down.

Chelsea Clinton sure thinks so:

This was in response to Clinton learning of 6 ICE agents arresting an undocumented illegal immigrant. Hey Chels, illegal means breaking the law, in case you were wondering. Oh and you know what else is illegal? Rape. But just ask Juanita Broaddrick, the woman your father raped.

Broaddrick, for those of you who don’t remember, is a former nursing home administrator who publicly accused then-President Bill Clinton in 1998 of raping her back in 1978, when he was actually in charge of criminal prosecutions in the Razorback state. The Clinton machine has long ignored Broaddrick and her allegations, even though she’s maintained her story for almost 20 years.

It’s worth pointing out that as a brave social media defender of sexual and/or domestic violence (provided, of course, there’s some sort of tenuous link to the man who beat her mother at the ballot box in November), Chelsea Clinton seems strangely silent when it comes to getting justice for Juanita Broaddrick. Or Kathleen Willey. Or Paula Jones. Or any of the women who have not only said but continued to maintain that they were the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of her father.

I think Chelsea Clinton just needs to shut the f**k up when it comes to literally anything. Don’t you agree?

h/t: Conservative Tribune