CBS Writer Gets Fired After His Horrible “Joke” About The Ariana Grande Concert Bombing

Maybe someday everyone will learn to observe the golden rule and consider other people’s pain. But today is not that day.

One liberal “journalist” thought the terror attacks in Manchester were just another pop culture event worthy of his insensitive quips. This blogger and Instagram influencer, previously reported as being part of the CBS family, made this idiotic comment about the attacks:


Apparently, those who have a conscience and consider this to be entirely out of bounds had some things to say about it.



Despite his profile saying that he contributes to CBS, the network denies he is part of their network.

The offensive writer later apologized, and while the original tweet is nowhere to be found, it seems to have conveniently been after CBS denied his existence in their world.


Leavitt also got a well-deserved tongue lashing by other social media users.

Amen to that.

Thank you to those who still have morals and call the insensitive idiots on their crap. There’s not much that most of us can do when tragedies happen, but at least once in a while, we can make the jerks sorry for making fun of other people’s pain.

(Source: The Blaze)