Cafe Owner Told To Take Down Patriotic Saying On Banner. Their Response? “HELL NO!”

OH YEA! This is a huge win for America and a massive loss for those trying to defeat national pride and patriotism.

Here at YIR, we support and salute patriots flying their symbols of national pride directly in the face of the left and people who try to tear down all we believe in. And that’s exactly what almost happened in Penfield, New York at a place called “5 Mile Cafe.” This cafe proudly flies a “God Bless America” sign above their entrance way. Like we reported earlier today, some people are trying to get the song and saying banned from baseball games because they apparently have nothing better to do (maybe go try to solve world hunger instead of thinking this is offensive?).

So when the cafe was told to take down their “God Bless America” sign, they said no way! YES!

5 mile cafe banner

Whenever folks in Penfield, New York get a hankering for pancakes for lunch – they head over to the 5 Mile Café.

The family-owned restaurant is known in those parts for serving breakfast any time of the day (order their homemade corned beef hash).

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They are also known for their patriotism.

“We are very patriotic here at the café – all year round –not just this time of year,” owner Jennifer Aquino told me. “We have American flags and patriotic things around the café.”

So Jennifer decided to ask the town for a permit so she could post a “God Bless America” banner on the front of her restaurant.  She wanted to display the banner from Memorial Day through Independence Day.

There was just one significant problem.

Penfield has a strict banner allotment policy. Businesses are only allowed to post banners for a total of three weeks out of the year. And Jennifer had used up her allotment.

So even though they were told no, they did it anyway because they love America!

“I decided on my way to work that I was going to put it up regardless of the town telling me I couldn’t,” she said. “So I put it up.”

A bit later that day she received an email from the town telling her to remove the banner. They warned her that she could face a possible fine for violating the ordinance.

“I didn’t take it down,” Jennifer told me. “And I was willing to pay the fine.”

“The [message on the banner] means a lot to me – especially during this time in our country with all that’s going on with terrorism,” she said. “I just can’t believe that I can’t have this banner up and be supported by the town board.”

There should be a local law put in place that says patriotic displays can be shown for as long as the business owner wants! If you agree and support this cafe, share this post and have your conservative and patriotic voices heard!

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