Cable Network Removes The Word “Terrorist” From Back To The Future Because It’s Offensive

If you didn’t already believe that the media is trying to shape how you think, I’ve got the last nail for the coffin that holds your faith in humanity. It seems that all sorts of things that many grew up watching are now considered too dangerous for little ones to hear.

Case in point: the well loved 80’s classic Back To The Future is now under fire by the network that’s been playing it. If you’ll recall, at one point there are men with guns that try to shoot up two of the protagonist. These men are referred to as “terrorists.” Not anymore! It’s unclear if they think this is too disturbing for younger audiences, or if the networks are just genuinely trying that hard to make terrorists seem warm and fuzzy, but they’ve now taken the phrase (and any sightings of it) out.

Via Daily Caller:

The terrorists kill Brown in a violent shootout, and the gunmen are depicted as crazed maniacs. After attempting to defend himself, Brown is mowed down by machine gun fire and killed instantly.

Which brings us to the moment where TBS called an audible. After Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) accidentally goes back in time, he tries to seize the opportunity to warn Brown’s younger self about the terrorist attack. He pens a letter in which he outlines the events that took place the night he went back in time.

If you pay close attention, you not only hear that the word “terrorists” has been completely removed, but they also change the angle of the camera so as not to pick up the word “terrorists” from the letter McFly was writing.

So much for artistic license; this is more like artistic censoring. I guess we’ve made everything that’s currently coming out so politically correct that we’ve got to retroactively go back and fix all our misguided mistakes of the past. We would never want to give kids the idea that someone they love could be killed by a terrorist. That’s horrifying and could never happen to us. And also it makes the terrorists look bad.

(Source: Daily Caller)