Brit Hume Just Went Off Message And DESTROYED NPR Once And For All

We like to take a swing at the mainstream media every chance we get around here, but we also want to be fair and let you know when they do something good. To that end, I need to give a shout out to ABC’s Brit Hume for calling National Public Radio on its usual load of liberal crap.

Hume sent out this tweet in response to NPR’s beating the same dead horse about Planned Parenthood doing mammograms and other useful health-related procedures.

Via World Net Daily:

“On Friday’s ‘All Things Considered,’ NPR health policy correspondent Alison Kodjak was the offender as she reported on President Trump’s reversal of Barack Obama’s attempt to preserve Planned Parenthood subsidies in [GOP] states that moved to defund them,” the report said.

Kodjak was discussing legislation to stop funding Planned Parenthood and to give the money to other clinics that provide health services for women.

“Well, it depends a little bit on the make-up of the states, obviously. It’s states that are run by Republican legislatures with Republican governors who are likely to support this kind of legislation,” she said. “States with rural – a lot of rural areas are likely to see a lot of impact because these clinics aren’t everywhere. So if Planned Parenthood is the closest clinic where you can get family planning services – and when I say that, I’m talking about pap smears, mammograms, birth control and in some cases obviously abortions – you might have to travel very far to get those services. You might not get them at all.”

I’m not sure how many times this insane lie is going to have to be debunked before people feel stupid for saying it. But, in case you need it for reference, here’s a recording of someone calling multiple Planned Parenthood locations and asking for things other than abortions.

I’m not saying that the earth is shaking and the media is now going to quake in fear of telling a lie but I, for one, am really glad to know that even ABC is willing to admit that all of this is a pack of lies and that just because NPR utters it, doesn’t make it truth.

I guess maybe journalistic integrity can survive even a career in the main-stream media. I wouldn’t go getting used to it, but thankfully truth is always truth, no matter how many people try to twist it.

(Source: World Net Daily)