Breaking: Trump Suddenly Blocked By Federal Court

In the current year, all sorts of formerly taboo behaviors and lifestyles are being celebrated as more normal than, well, normal. The folks on the Left have long denied the existence of the slippery slope, saying that’s it’s just a bunch of conservative fear-mongering, yet at every turn, such “fears” have been proven decidedly justified.

We’ve gone from Democrats being against gay marriage at the turn of the century to people being called bigots for not thinking parents should pump little boys full of hormones and chop off their bits and pieces just because they seem a little effeminate. This epidemic of transgenderism is sweeping the country, made possible by the left-wing propaganda machines and the consequences they inflict on those who dare oppose their agenda.

With Trump taking office, one of the positives was that he appeared willing to take on this degenerate cultural trend, and one of his first moves to combat it was to ban transgender folk from the military, a controversial move even amongst its leaders. However, like most of his contentious executive orders, a leftist judge has predictably blocked the new rule.

As reported at the New York Post, a federal court in Washington is blocking President Donald Trump from single-handedly changing the government’s policy on military service by those that identify as transgender.

In August, Trump made the surprise announcement via a memo, saying that he would reverse Obama’s 2016 decision to allow transgenders to serve openly. The new rule would have those that identify as such discharged.

US District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly made the decision on Monday, writing that handful of transgender members of the military that have filed lawsuit against Trump in the wake of the announced policy change would probably win their impending court case. Thus, she thought it was justified to bar Trump from implementing the change altogether.

What the administration will do in response is anyone’s guess. It will be interesting to see if this is a hill the president is willing to do battle on, especially considering that conservatives are very strongly against this giant cultural push to normalize transgenderism. Needless to say, the left-wing court system has once again stymied Trump’s agenda. One wonders if it’ll ever be possible for conservative policy to be enacted with so many leftist ideologues legislating their feelings from the bench.

Source: New York Post