BREAKING: Terror Attack In Paris, Attacker Yelled “This Is For Syria!’

It looks like the attacks just keep on coming for our friends across the pond. Today, the attack is in France, where a lone maniac wielding a hammer, and possible a few knives, has terrorized those around famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Via Metro UK:

A police officer has been attacked by a man shouting ‘this is for Syria’ outside the Notre Dame cathedral in central Paris.

French prosecutors said that the 22-year-old approached three officers from behind and launched a hammer attack on them.

They have launched a terror investigation into the incident which sparked panic in the square outside the cathedral.

The police officer was injured in the attack but managed to shoot the suspect in the chest in the north eastern corner of the square outside the building

The suspect, they added, was operating alone.

There was panic in the square after the gunshots were heard and people started scattering in all directions.

Curious, isn’t it, that there’s been another fluke extremist that is just bending Islam all around to justify a violent spree. I wonder how many Muslims will have to kill innocent citizens before this is recognized as a tenant of their faith, not a perversion of it.

Thankfully this attacker was acting alone, and not overly successful, but the results could have been very different. Just like they were in England and just like they have been in the United States. It’s just a matter of time before we see a more coordinated attack with more bloodshed on American soil. These are our warning shots, America, something has to be done to stop those who’ve vowed to kill us.

(Source: Metro UK