BREAKING: Shots Fired At Local Dallas Texas Airport Captured On Video.

Breaking news coming in from Dallas, Texas right now. According to a report from Fox News there was a gunman at Dallas Love Field air port and the entire baggage area needed to be evacuated.

As police yelled at the man to get on the ground, one patron whipped out their phone and started to record the entire event.

Here it is as the scene unfolded.

Shots were fired at Dallas Love Field Airport Friday as police evacuated the baggage claim area, Fox 4 reported.

Video from the scene appeared to show an officer-involved shooting as authorities shouted, “Get down.” Panicked fliers were seen running away.

Police did not say whether anyone was hurt, and details on what led to the shooting were unclear.

As of this posting, no word yes as to what the gunman had in terms of weapons or what their motive was, but police acted quickly and swiftly and took this person down. There are also no reports as of yet to if this was a terrorist attack.

As this story unfolds, we’ll update this post with more details. Thank you to these fast acting officers that prevented a true tragedy today. We salute you and your bravery!

(Source: Fox News)