BREAKING: Russian Plane Downed By Turkey Itself! Russia and Putin are LIVID!

This is seriously not good. This could be the start of World War III, and Turkey is to blame.

Clearly, Russia is not trying to bomb Turkey. They’ve shown that time and time again while they unleash holy hell on ISIS inside of Syria. But last week, a Russian plane was shot down over Turkey, by what we thought to be Radical Islamists from the ground VIA a ground-to-air rocket. Apparently that’s not the case as Turkey and Russia have both confirmed that a Turkish fighter jet had shot the Russian jet out of the sky.


The anger was written on Vladimir Putin’s face as he confirmed the news Tuesday that a Russian Su-24 warplane had indeed been shot down by a Turkish F-16—and not, as Russia’s defense ministry initially indicated, by ground fire from Syrian fighters.

The Russian jet was inside Syria, one kilometer from the Turkish border, when it was hit, the Russian president said in televised remarks from Sochi.

So not only was the Jet not inside Turkish airspace, but it was also shot down by the Turkish army. Hoo boy, here we go.

“In any case, our pilots—our plane—in no way threatened the Turkish Republic,” Putin said.

The warplane was carrying out a mission to hunt down Russian volunteers fighting with ISIS, which was the primary goal of Russia’s nearly two-month air campaign in Syria, according to the Russian president. He warned of ‘serious consequences’ for Turkey’s ‘stab in the back.’

Whatever happens, it’s going to be a massive retaliation from Russia. Praying for a resolution that does not involve the start of another world war!

(Source: Business Insider)