BREAKING: Russia Brings Another New Weapon To The ISIS War. CONFIRMED Submarine Strikes!

Another day, another new weapon Russia uses to crush ISIS. It seems they’re throwing everything they have at Islamic State.

The newest weapon of choice is a kilo-class, diesel-electric submarine called the “Rostov-on-Don,” and it’s deadly. This marks the first time Russia has used submarine surfacing to fire missiles on ISIS targets in Syria, joining their air strike and cruise missile strikes from November. Watch below and the sub fires it’s long-range missiles en route to their targets.

This video coincides with another released by Russia showcasing what else they’ve been up to when it comes to ISIS. The other video shows planes dropping bombs on ISIS targets all over the area.

Whether ISIS can withstand this onslaught for a long period of time remains to be seen, but I can say one thing is for certain: Russia can keep up this kind of attacking for longer than ISIS can run from it.

(Source: RT)