Breaking: Police Discover Note In NYC Terrorist’s Car That Just Explained Everything

The vile Muslim extremist who rammed a truck into a group of New York bikers on Tuesday wanted to make sure that people knew exactly what his motives were. Police found handwritten notes pledging love and loyalty to ISIS littering the rental truck used in the attack.

Sayfullo Saipaz, a 29-year-old Uzbekistan immigrant with a green card, is the latest maniac to get drunk on the Koran. One of the more sickening aspects of Saipaz’s crime is the fact that he’s using religion to justify his heinous brutality.

Allah is an angry master. Conservative Muslims are consumed with stamping out dissent and destroying infidels. Their leaders vilify Western culture and call it the path to Hell. Men like Saipaz will continue to carry out terrorist attacks as long as they can cling to the justification offered by Islam.

According to the New York Post: “Saipov had previously been on the radar of law enforcement as a result of an unrelated investigation. It wasn’t clear if Saipov was the main target of that probe or just an associate of another figure being investigated…”

Authorities need to refine their techniques. Lone wolf attacks are notoriously hard to prevent, but men like Saipaz need to be identified. President Trump believes the problem would be if not solved, at least improved, by tougher vetting processes.

If Saipaz hadn’t been allowed to migrate to the U.S., he never could have planned the attack. He wasn’t given a green card because of merit, he participated in the “lottery” system that randomly awards applicants.

(Source: New York Post)