Muslims In Florida Tried To Make A Bomb, They Were Shut Down INSTANTLY! YES!

This is the scariest story I’ve read all day and I had to share it with my conservative brethren. Be on the lookout! Muslims are now buying common household items and turning them into weapons of terror.

In Miami, Florida, muslim men were found purchasing nearly 30 containers of propane at a local Home Depot. You might say that the picture taken and show below is profiling, but come on. What muslim could possibly need that many canisters of propane? Not to mention that there was a report of stolen propane in Missouri over the weekend as well, along with muslims doing a mass buy out of cell phones in the area too. Profiling, or concerned citizens being exctemely cautious and suspicious? I’m going with the latter.


With at least six Walmart stores in Missouri having reported Muslim men buying out hundreds of “throwaway” cellphones, all within a week’s time, and then a later report of cans of propane stolen from a separate Walmart in Kansas City, Missouri, the nation has reason to wonder what’s in the works.

It’s not a coincidence that in this same time, the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) came out with a brand new execution video, showing them killing a couple of captives by specifically detonating a buried explosive using a cellphone.

Can’t say this makes me feel safe. Not in the slightest. Liberals will chalk it up to these muslims having a big BBQ or some garbage like that. I’m sure they don’t know muslims don’t eat many burgers…

(Source: Mad World News)