BREAKING: Muslim Suicide Bomber Kills 6 Americans. THEY NEED OUR PRAYERS!

And you continue to wonder why Trump wants a ban on islamic peoples coming into the U.S.

Terrible news out of Afghanistan this morning as a suicide bomber has set off a vehicle-based explosive near a NATO base. All killed were Americans.

The base is Bagram military base just outside of Kabul. NBC news has the latest.

American soldiers were among the dead following a suicide attack on NATO troops in Afghanistan on Monday, officials said.

Six NATO troops died and three others were wounded by a vehicle-born explosive device near Bagram Airfield, according to a statement from the international coalition in Afghanistan.

Just more reason to stop the influx of immigrants to the U.S. You don’t know who you’re letting in. We pray for you and your families and that we can stop radical islam sooner rather than later.

(Source: NBC News)