Breaking: Las Vegas Shooter Traveled To Middle East

In the wake of the worst mass shooting in American history on Sunday, investigators are still pouring over the details of Stephen Paddock’s life, trying to determine what drove the man to kill 59 people and wound hundreds more.

A motive has yet to emerge in the case, and that in and of itself is rather suspicious. With the innumerable people working the case, and unfettered access to every computer, phones, accounts, etc. the man had, surely something should be evident by now. While the feds are being mum about his motives, at least one potentially explosive detail has emerged about Paddock’s lavish lifestyle.

As reported at CNN, while Paddock was an addicted gambler and frequenter of gun shops, he was also into vacation cruises. New information shows that he took at least 20 trips via boat, many of which ported in Europe and the Middle East.

The source of this information didn’t provide any other details others than some of the destinations, and the fact that his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, accompanied him on at least 9 of them. The cruise line or the types of cruises are still unknown, but seeing how most have mini casinos on board, it’s not too surprising he was an avid fan of this type of travel.
However, seeing how his cruises ported in Middle Eastern countries, it does raise the question if there was more to the trips than gambling and having a good time. The FBI has repeatedly denied ISIS’ claims that Paddock was one of their radicalized Islamic soldiers, but the possibility cannot be completely dismissed yet.
Since returning from the Philippines, Danley has been questioned by authorities, but strangely, she hasn’t shed any light on his motives. It seems rather suspicious that she just so happened to be “sent away” to the Philippines right before the attack and also that Paddock wired $100k to her/her family. While she may have nothing to do with the massacre, surely she knows something after spending so much time with the man.
Regardless if she does or not, the pieces are still being put together. There are those, like Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who still believe that it’s unlikely he could have carried out the attack by himself, and that there has to be someone else in the know.
But that person or any lead, based on the information that’s out there, has yet to emerge. It goes without saying that everyone is awaiting any detail that might provide insight into the mind the monster. But right now, it still looks like that’s a ways off.

Source: CNN