BREAKING: Black Gunman Kills 2 Reporters On Live TV, Liberals Blame Guns Immediately

Tragic news this morning as a crazed gunman who is not yet identified but may be a disgruntled former employee, shot and killed Alison Parker and Adam Ward, the reporter and cameraman for WDBJ7, a local channel that served Virginia.

UPDATE: The shooter has been identified as Vester Lee Flanagan, 41. Flanagan, who also goes by Bryce Williams. He is still at large and reportedly driving a 2009 silver Ford Mustang around the Roanoke, Virginia area. He also posted video of the shooting on Twitter.

As reported by WSLS:

Alison Parker was interviewing Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce Vicki Gardner during their morning newscast when the attack happened. According to Special Projects Manager, Barb Nocera, Vicki Gardner was being interviewed regarding SML’s 50th Anniversary by WDBJ when Vicki was shot. She is now in surgery at Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

Their families need our prayers during this troubling time. The video of the shooting can be found below, but it is quite disturbing, so use discretion when watching it.

However, not everyone is is mourning. Liberal blogging outlet Gawker took to its platform to let its commenters immediately turn this tragedy into a self-serving anti-gun piece of propaganda.

Here are some comments with not a hint of respect for the dead:

The second amendment is a “hungry” freedom. It demands frequent bodies and blood. And Americans will continue to offer sacrifices of blood and tears at its doorstep.

It’s time for the great American pastime of Guess That Shooter! Right wing militia member, sovereign citizen, or cop? What do you say, studio audience?

There is nothing “seems like’ about it. We are the most violent 1st world country.

I disagree about the voyeurism aspect. I think everyone should watch this. I think every NRA member should be forced to watch this on repeat until it gets through their god damn thick skulls that even if all three of these victims were armed, there wasn’t a remote chance that any of them would have even known what was coming before it was too late, much less draw their own weapon and return fire.

No. All due respect to the victims, but the problem here is not “being political”. The problem is goddamn fucking guns.

This is just shameful. I have no words.