BREAKING: France Votes To Continue Air Strikes Against ISIS. They say NO MERCY!

When ISIS and terrorists attack your country, the only solution is to retaliate and France has done so in kind.

Just a few short minutes ago, the French Parliament held a vote as to weather or not their first volley of Air Strikes against the Islamic State, or ISIS, was enough in Syria. They came to the consensus that it wasn’t.

In a completely unprecedentedly and rare vote in France, they have voted to continue bombing the living hell out of ISIS. And why is this such massive news?

The parliament’s upper house voted 325-0, with 21 abstentions, on Wednesday night to extend the fight against IS. French lawmakers have overwhelmingly voted to continue airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Syria beyond early January. French President Francois Hollande has cited specific threats against French interests stemming from IS in Syria.

325-0!? That’s insane! A completely unanimous vote by every single attending person in parliament. That’s as if nearly all of Congress agreed on something and voted the same way. France’s response to the Paris terror attacks have been swift and brutal, hitting ISIS targets everywhere in Syria while Russia helps out the offensive with missions of their own.

We support this French offensive and still pray for each and every victim of the Paris attacks. Vive La France!

(Source: The Associated Press)