BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Dropped A BOMB On Ted Cruz. Is It All Over For Him?

Donald Trump, as we all know, has no filter and says what he means, while meaning what he says. Instead of getting into hot water as usual with liberals, this time he’s speaking some uncomfortable truths about a competing candidate, Ted Cruz.

Trump thinks that the fact that Ted Cruz was born in Canada presents a problem for the country, since he will be engaged in a legal battle, with the legality of his candidacy obviously in question, as it famously was for Barack Obama.

CNN reports,

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is raising questions about Republican rival Ted Cruz’s electability in light of the Texas senator’s birth in Canada, which Trump called a “very precarious” problem.

Trump said in an interview with The Washington Post that Republican voters should think twice before voting for Cruz, who could face challenges to his eligibility to serve as president given that he was born in Canada, and not the United States.

“Republicans are going to have to ask themselves the question: ‘Do we want a candidate who could be tied up in court for two years?’ That’d be a big problem,” Trump said in the interview. “It’d be a very precarious one for Republicans because he’d be running and the courts may take a long time to make decision. You don’t want to be running and have that kind of thing over your head.”

Trump added that he’d “hate to see something like that get in his (Cruz’s) way” and noted that “a lot of people are talking about it.”

The U.S. Constitution requires the president be a “natural-born citizen.”

Cruz was born in Canada, but was automatically granted American citizenship by birth because his mother was an American citizen — which most legal scholars contend meets the “natural-born citizen” requirement. The question has never been tested in court.

(Source: CNN)