BLM Idiot Demanded Money From The Government, Then Got Smacked With The TRUTH! YES!

Oh man this is awesome!

Racist and violence inciting group Black Lives Matter has some real class acts among their ranks. They incite violence and riot whenever they can to show that they matter. News flash, it’s not helping. And some of the people that are BLM supporters are complete idiots. Take this woman for example. Sandra “Sandy” Hudson, a hugely ourspoken member of the BLM community and staunch supporter of the BLM movement, tried to swindle money out of the University of Toronto.

And it was for quite literally nothing except she thought she was owed it.

An outspoken member of Black Lives Matter Toronto is being sued after leaving her job with UofT’s student union with a $277,508 severance deal that included 1,975 hours of overtime.

The union wants former executive director Sandra “Sandy” Hudson and her co-defendants — who allegedly approved the package — to jointly pay it back, along with another $200,000 in damages for breach of fiduciary duty.

The severance payment equals approximately 10% of the union’s annual operating budget.

But wait, it gets worse.

In its statement of claim, the union alleges Hudson received 3.6 years of her base salary after only working there 2 1/2 years.

Hudson, the claim says, filed for 1,975 hours of overtime on April 1, 2015. Before that date, it says, she “had never recorded any overtime hours into her personnel file.”

Hudson’s statement of defence says she committed no wrongdoing.

She was legally entitled to the overtime because she had worked “long hours, primarily in non-managerial tasks,” racking up 211 hours in March and April 2015.

When the Sun asked Hudson about the lawsuit, she responded, “I’m not going to comment on your story.

“This is a private interest. My life is a private matter. You’re wasting my time.”

So not only does this scumbag think she is not wrong, she thinks she’s entitled to this money because she was “working hard and had long hours?” Welcome to the real world sweetie.

This is a problem with the youth of today, especially within the BLM ranks. Everyone thinks they are entitled to something. How about doing hard work and making a good life for yourself instead of wanting everything dropped in your lap? Every thought of that?

(Source: The Toronto Sun)