Black Pastor UNLOADS On BlackLivesMatter, Leaks The Truth That Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know

Many black preachers are on the side of Black Lives Matter and have fanned the flames of racism and hatred. Preachers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been instrumental in the BLM movement and the solidifying of anti-cop sentiment throughout the country.

Then you have black, Republican preachers like Mark Burns. Burns just took to the stage at the Republican National Convention and absolutely set the crowd on fire! He let every single BLM supporter have it and proclaimed that ALL lives matter

This is surely going to piss of all of BLM nationwide. And you know what, good. BLM is a hateful group that is hellbent on yelling and starting violence to get their own way.

We need more people like Mark Burns in our country and leading the voices of black America. This man truly represents what unity and Republican ideals represent.

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(Source: YouTube)