Black NHL Player Refuses To Protest Nat’l Anthem, So Look What Mainstream Media Does To Him

Are you black? Are you an athlete? Then you better be willing to disrespect the national anthem, or liberals will eat you alive.

The left’s supposed “tolerance” doesn’t extend to minorities who think for themselves. A black NHL player announced that he refused to participate in the athlete protests currently roiling professional sports, and the liberal media went insane.

Democrats treat black people like a monolith. Individual points of view don’t matter. Black people who don’t buy into liberal tripe are treated like race-traitors. P.K. Subban is perhaps the most influential black player in the NHL. His success in a white-dominated sport should be treated like a civil rights victory. He’s a strong, successful black man who’s idolized by millions of people.

So why is the left attacking him?

A prominent Yahoo sports writer complained:

“So no, P.K. Subban will not be the guy who takes the knee and makes the stand. P.K. Subban is the guy who decided, with his team, not to do so… Sorry if this let you down, because you believed an outspoken player like Subban would stand in solidarity with other pro athletes, or would symbolically share your political beliefs through his actions.”

Subban IS sharing his political beliefs- he said that he won’t disrespect the flag. Just because the left doesn’t like his opinion doesn’t mean he should be treated as if he doesn’t have one. Complaining that he won’t kneel for the national anthem is particularly bizarre considering the fact that he’s Canadian.

If a foreigner came to our country and took a knee during our anthem, it would be wildly disrespectful. An American taking issue with the flag is one thing, a foreigner doing so would be ridiculous.

Of course, when has logic ever informed the left’s decisions? All they see is a black man who isn’t doing what they want.

(Source: Breitbart)