Black Lives Matter’s New Chant Prove That They’re Nothing But Cop-Hating Thugs

While most of us are at least mildly sympathetic to a person who feels like the world is against them, or the game is somehow rigged. However, those who participate in the Black Lives Matter movement are fast killing that compassion. They’ve gone from a group who protests potentially abusive police officers, to saying that police lives don’t actually matter.

Even if it’s not your favorite thing, you’ve probably seen at least one black and white movie in your life. There’s something so unique and moving about watching a movie where all the colorful distractions are just absent and you can focus on the characters. I’m about to drop some knowledge on you thought, ya ready? Black and white movies aren’t really black and white, they’re just on a gray scale. A true black and white picture or video is actually kind of disturbing. No, this isn’t a lesson in cinematic technique, I’m attempting to illustrate that what you’ve been told something is may actually be just what someone wants you to believe it is.

If you look at the front line of that march, I absolutely can’t ignore the light colored people marching with the dark ones. So what I desperately want to know is; who is deciding what constitutes black, brown and blue. There are many black police officers, and even more mixed race who might identify as black or might consider themselves more a part of the white culture. My point is; most of us are on some kind of grayscale, both ethnically and morally.

People aren’t black and white, and neither is this issue. If you believe that to be pro-black you have to be anti-white then someone has lied to you. I get it, you don’t like your catch phrase being taken over, and blue is the color of a uniform. But under that uniform is a black, or white or brown person and more importantly, someone that someone cares about. So unless you plan to line people up, inspect their skin and mark the ones that you say are trash, then this line of reasoning isn’t one worth keeping.

Sure, black lives matter, as do brown lives, and white lives and police lives.  To say otherwise is nothing more than a Nazi-like racial divide that will lead us to either a dictatorship or an all-out civil war.

(Source: Twitter)