Black Lives Matter, The Dallas Cop Killings Are YOUR Fault

This is an open letter to the misinformed, race-baiting idiots at Black Lives Matter.

You say that you care about black lives – you don’t. If you did, you’d fix your own communities, the ones you and Obama say are so downtrodden, yet when riots inevitably go down, the black business owners – the ones in your own community pay the price. You are fueling your own downfall with useless hashtags, bully tactics, and a perpetual victim status. And it has to stop.

The late Martin Luther King, Jr. was a champion of equality through non-violent means and changed the mindset and collective consciousness of the country for decades after his untimely death. He was not a perfect man, but his ideals resonated with the vast majority of the people in the world, except for you, that is. You preach segregation in the form of black-only safe spaces. You want the cops to leave your neighborhood, without taking into account the scourge of black on black violence that claims the lives of a hundred times more young black men than any potentially racist cop ever would. You wouldn’t have wanted to abolish Jim Crow laws, you would have expanded them.

Yet you persist with this false narrative that pits otherwise well-meaning citizens against its law enforcement, and what you’re left with is anarchy, and I hate to burst your bubble, but you are the least qualified and equipped to handle anything when the s**t finally does hit the fan and you’re left to your own devices. The cops are here to control the crime that overflowing in your communities. None of them are perfect, but the vast majority are without a doubt the best among us, but you don’t care.

You’ll take to the streets in “peaceful” protest shouting “What do we want? DEAD COPS!” before inciting a riot in which thousands of dollars of damage is done to state property that taxpayers all foot the bill for.

You’ll recruit Beyonce and Obama and other black figureheads to promote a state of fear that makes the cop killings by black militants in the ’70s an inevitability. You turn a blind eye to police officers that leave the house in the morning, to never come home at night because they were executed giving a routine traffic stop by a ruthless thug that you’ll be all too happy to assign a hashtag to.

You are single-handedly aiding in the downfall of your own community by carrying a chip on your shoulder so large, no amount of employment and success would ever be able to shrug it off. You’re living in a world where everything else is someone else’s fault; there’s always another white oppressor trying to marginalize your voice. But you’re too self-obsessed to realize that your voice is toxic, your message is divisive, and the world around you is burning because you’re holding the torch.

The Dallas cop killings, that claimed the lives of at least five officers, is on you. We blame the shooter or shooters involved, but we also blame the ridiculous ideology they espouse. It’s too late to apologize to the families of the cops gunned down, but it’s not too late to change course before society as we know it today, where people of all ethnic backgrounds have equal chance to be something great, is lost forever.

Thank you.