Black Lives Matter Supporters Take It To The Next Level And Join ISIS Because Why Not

One would think that even if there wasn’t an overwhelming patriotism in some of those who enjoy the privileges of being an American, at least a basic sense of self-preservation would cause everyone with two brain cells to rub together to avoid helping terrorists.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case with some, as they find themselves actually willing to actually facilitate their carrying out of terrorists attacks.

According to the American Mirror, two Chicago natives who also happen to be Black Lives Matter supporters, have been arrested by the FBI on the grounds that they attempted to support ISIS.

“A 19-month investigation showed they plotted to send a recruit and cell phone detonators to the terrorist organization.

Federal officials arrested Edward Schimenti and Joseph Jones, both 35, around 5 a.m. Wednesday following a lengthy undercover investigation that involved four federal agents and a fifth person cooperating with the bust.”

According to the Chicago Sun Times:

“The feds allegedly led Jones and Schimenti to believe they had gained access to an ISIS network designed to smuggle new recruits into Syria. 

The men allegedly helped the cooperator obtain cellphones meant to be used as detonators, introduced him to an undercover fed they believed could get him overseas, and then drove the cooperator to O’Hare Airport to begin his journey on Friday. Once he left, the pair planned to deliver more cellphones via the cooperator’s “aunt,” records show.”

I would like to think that these men were tricked into believing something that wasn’t true about ISIS, but the reality is that they were probably just drawn to the violence. There’s no doubt that baser instincts are something that can catch up with any of us, but these two were actually willing to help a terrorist group attempt to take over his country.

I don’t know what brand of stupid that is, but I hope our legal system finds a way to discontinue it.

(Source: The American Mirror)