Black Lives Matter-Loving Cook Wouldn’t Serve Cops…Ate Some INSTANT JUSTICE Instead!

The anti-police narrative that is being perpetuated by racist hate groups like Black Lives Matter has got to stop. The police protect and serve. They to now maim and murder, contrary to what BLM would have you believe.

Those in the communities that don’t get the major headlines still love our police. Here’s proof. In Alexandria, Virginia a worker at a “Noodles & Company” restaurant chain location denied service to a female police officer saying, “I ain’t serving that.” What happened next is exactly what needs to happen to all anti-police individuals: JUSTICE.

A female officer with the Alexandria Police Department walked into the restaurant on Duke Street for a meal at roughly 6:30 p.m. when an employee came out of the kitchen, pointed at the officer and said they would not cook for her. The officer said the employee also made a joke she could not hear and other employees started laughing at her, reports NBC Washington.

“You’re going to have to take me off the line, I ain’t serving that,” the unidentified employee said to a cashier in the store.

The officer left the store without being served and reported the incident to her supervisor. Alexandria Committee of Police Vice President Peter Feltham said the manager of the restaurant is investigating the incident and will “discipline” any employees involved, reports WUSA9.

That means FIRED. But here’s the best part.

Feltham and Alexandria Police Chief Earl Cook met with the manager at the restaurant, who apologized for the actions of his employees. He also reportedly agreed to post signs reading “We Support Blue Lives” on the restaurant’s doors.

This is what we need to have happen! Support police no matter what. Blue lives DO matter. All lives matter. BLM tries to make you think otherwise. Looks like BLM is losing their grip of fear.

Down with BLM and support your local and state police! They keep us safe, not the BLM idiots that preach anarchy.

(Source: The Daily Caller)