Black Lives Matter Interrupts Moment Of Silence For Fallen Officers At DNC

This is just proof that Black Lives Matter has no interest in making a difference and all they want is to make noise.

On the final night of the Democratic National Cconvention, the Democrats FINALLY decided to honor fallen police officers in recent months. This is, of course, after the endless parade of police shooting victims spouting racially biased rhetoric and theories. Don’t think we haven’t forgotten about that. But during the one decent thing the Dems have done all week, and probably all year, rude and obnoxious Black Lives Matter dummies decided to interrupt the moment of silence and shout from the rooftops how they must be heard.

This has to be seen to be believed.

Honestly, what human scum. ALL lives matter. You are the racists. You are the ones causing the problems. Do something good for a change and shut the f*** up! This is honestly one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen. When there’s a moment of silence for a black American, do you see people yelling “White lives matter!” No. Because it’s racist. You sound exactly the same.

We support our police and you should as well. We should restore law and order in this country and to put these thugs out of the media spotlight! Who’s with me!?

(Source: Twitter)