Black Lives Matter Idiot Calls To “Disarm And Abolish The Police,” Gets SHUT DOWN Instantly!

We all know Black Lives Matter is an organization that’s fueled by racial division and radical nonsense, but the sheer stupidity presented by some of its proponents is simply mind boggling. Let’s get down to facts – there is a problem with violent crime in the black community. The number one cause of death for young black men in this country is homicide. And no, it’s not at the hands of cops or racist white people, but other black men perpetrating the crime.

What this means is that the police need to patrol areas that are high in crime that tend to be predominantly black. This leads to more interactions with cops and more incidents like what we saw in Louisiana and Minnesota. The fact remains, the less cops there are on the streets in these neighborhoods, the more dangerous these neighborhoods are.

That’s why when cops all but abandoned some inner city neighborhoods over outcries of racism, the violent crime rates skyrocketed, but Black Lives Matter won’t tell you that. Instead, they’ll go on TV, just like they did on The Kelly File, and tell you that cops need to be disarmed and abolished. Yeah, seems like a great way to solve all your problems.

Watch this dummy harp on about how awful cops are, then have another black man shut her down by introducing FACTS:

And boom goes the dynamite: