Black Lives Matter CELEBRATES Killing Three Cops In Baton Rouge…Obama Is SILENT!

As tragedy unfolds yet again this morning with three police killed and three more wounded in a firefight in Baton Rouge, everybody with half a brain is wondering when it will be socially acceptable to refer to Black Lives Matter, the group that advocates for killing cops, as a radical terrorist hate group.

Authorities are ordering people in the vicinity to stay home.

Here is the live feed:

Upon hearing this news, that a BLM sympathizer or sympathizers have taken the lives of three more cops, some Black Lives Matter proponents were besides themselves with joy, and I can’t be any more disgusted. This proves that their motives are anything but noble, and resemble the same sort of virulent, racist, and violent rhetoric that Obama enables with his ridiculous speeches, that ultimately leads to good police officers not going home to their families at night.

Here’s the proof, according to InfoWars:

The tweet was subsequently deleted, but the Internet never forgets. In his profile description, ‘Marland’ expresses affinity with the New Black Panthers, which just announced that it has formed a chapter in Baton Rouge.


The user’s Twitter page is also full of anti-cop propaganda, including a grotesque drawing of a cop getting his throat cut by a masked man in black.

And, as always, the Islamists that are in bed with Black Lives Matter, chime in, celebrating just as much:

It looks like the Baton Rouge cop killers were following this Black Lives Matter activist’s advice:

While we mourn the loss of three of our bravest citizens, there is a sizable dissent in our country, that advocates for mob rule, feelings over facts, and racism. It’s called Black Lives Matter, and America needs to wake the hell up before we lose the very thing that makes us great in the first place. Obama is clearly silent in the matter.

May the families of the officers find peace in the coming days and weeks ahead. It will not be easy, but America supports you.