Billionaire Liberal Mark Cuban Opened His Mouth About Politics And Immediately Got DESTROYED

Entrepreneur, Billionaire, Dallas Mavericks owner, and Shark Tank stalwart are all names that Mark Cuban goes by regularly; unfortunately, “Trump supporter” can’t be added to that list.

Cuban got into a little Twitter war with conservative news analyst Mark Dice about the President’s take on fake news. Cuban made it clear way back in the beginning stages of the Presidental campaign that he in no way supported fellow billionaire Donald Trump for President. Fortunately for America, in this case, Cuban didn’t get what he wanted.

Also fortunately, Cuban’s liberal rhetoric got instantly shut down. This is awesome.

Cuban says Trump doesn’t want to learn, Trump says Cuban isn’t smart enough to understand what he [Trump] is doing.  Personally, I think the problem is that Cuban isn’t used to dealing with people in his own league, who will stand up to him. This seems to be a classic case of 2 alpha males who don’t get along and are showing their teeth over it. Unfortunately for Cuban, Trump’s teeth now have the power of the U.S. military behind them.

If Mark Cuban thinks he should take on the POTUS I guess he can go ahead and try but at some point, this American businessman might do well to remember which side of his bread is buttered.