Bill Throws Hillary Under The Bus And Supports Another Candidate! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!

Hillary cannot be happy with this news. But I certainly am!

At a Hillary rally, Bill Clinton was there to support his wife and answer any questions the media might have. Well NBC’s Andrea Mitchell had a pretty pertinent one and one that Bill may have completely thrown his own wife under the bus for. Mitchell asked why Bernie Sanders appeals to young people more than Hillary. Specifically, “Why are young voters going for Sanders? Do you understand that dynamic?”

His response is shocking! Check it out below!

Essentially what he’s saying is that Bernie has masterfully tricked the young democratic voters into voting for him and Hillary has no chance of getting the young vote and that Bernie is going to crush her in that category! Unreal! I cannot believe his answer was not “Hillary polls just as strongly with young people and Bernie’s campaign promises are unsustainable.” Even if it was a lie, wouldn’t you do that for your own wife or family member that’s running for office, let alone the presidency?

This just goes to show that democrats really don’t have a clue how to campaign. Ever when one is a former president!

(Source: YouTube)