Bill O’Reilly Tried To Stump Trump, Donald Ends Up DESTROYING Hillary Instead!

Trump can’t get much better. This pretty much cements his awesomeness forever.

The Donald went on the O’Reilly factor after his big announcement of Sarah Palin support him for president. That announcement was big enough as it is, but during the interview there was an even more interesting conversation happening. Trump was questioned about his involvement with the Clinton Foundation as a donator.

Since Trump was and still is a highly successful business man, he gave to many charities prior to his presidential run, including the Clinton foundation, under the assumption that the Clinton Foundation was using the money for good. Well we all know Hillary and Bill aren’t exactly of the highest character, so naturally most of the money went in their pockets and for traveling abroad. Here’s Trump exposing them for the frauds they are.

Share this EVERYWHERE. Everyone needs to hear this because it exposes the truth that the Clinton’s took donated money and used it for personal gain, proving they broke the law!

(Source: YouTube)