Bill O’Reilly SMASHES Obama Before DNC Speech, Proves America Wants TRUMP!

As the Republican National Convention high begins to fade and the Democratic National Convention begins as an absolute mess for the Liberals, we continue to get conflicting ideologies from both sides. There seems to be no bi-partisanship so far and with comments like the ones Barack Obama is sending out lately, I’m honestly not surprised Republicans aren’t reaching across the isle.

Obama continues to paint a pretty picture whenever he is on TV or giving an address, yet dismisses the facts that illegal immigration continues to rise and costs the US, and Americans, billions in taxpayer funds. He thinks that America lives in its own little bubble and cannot be touched. Newsflash Obama, the threat of ISIS and America crumbling are very, very real.

One of our favorites, Bill O’Reilly, knows this and shut Obama down REAL quick with, you guessed it, FACTS!

23% of people are happy with the country’s direction. Think about that stat for a second. There are FAR more Liberals than that percentage shows. That means that even the left leaning Democrats realize what an utter failure Obama has been.

When Obama speaks, he fails to realize that America is a despised country by a vast majority of undeveloped countries including most of the Middle East. Bombers are blowing themselves up at will all over Europe, especially in France and Germany, and yet Americans are safe? What world do you live in, Obama? This isn’t even bringing up the fact that domestic terror, like the radical hate group Black Lives Matter, is actively trying to tear this country apart from the inside, while you try to think of ways to disarm the public.

Wake up! Listen to Bill O’Reilly and share this post with every American. We deserve and have the right to know the truth. God knows Obama isn’t speaking it.

(Source: YouTube)