Bill Maher Turns His Back On Liberals And UNLOADS On Islam! They Want This Video GONE!

Bill Maher just stepped out of line in a major way and Liberals are sure to be pissed off with him. In fact, we are in massive support of what he just said, in a stunning turn of events.

I mean normally we disagree with Maher as he’s a Liberal and the Liberal mindset is not something we subscribe to here at Yes I’m Right. We are the antithesis of that. But Maher is on point here, breaking rank with the rest of the left’s agenda.

This video is something that every American, Democrat or Republican, should see. He points out the massive flaws with Islam and the Muslim mentality. It’s not just about terrorism, it’s about living in a backward and oppressive culture that demonizes anything outside of their belief structure.

Everything he said in the video is 100% fact. They behead anyone that does not believe what they believe or commits “heinous” acts that are not in line with Sharia Law. They treat women like they are pieces of meat and calling them second class citizens is an insult. Women in the Middle East are treated like slaves, essentially. And they also treat anyone that’s not a Muslim with contempt and disdain, almost as a pariah. We Christians are called “infidels” for a reason. Christians aren’t going into buildings and blowing themselves up people!

And Liberals say us right wingers are the dangerous ones. HA! That’s a laugh.

(Source: YouTube)